Why Your Colleagues Are Feeling Jaded (And What To Do About It)

how to deal with jaded colleagues

It’s halfway through the year, the coffee machine is broken and the team’s morale is missing its usual spark. Even the best work places go through high and low morale cycles. But what can you do to beat the slump?

Be thankful

The old adage “It costs nothing to be nice” is very true and while it doesn’t cost anything, it can pay dividends. Set a more positive tone by focusing on wins before losses in meetings, congratulating staff on hard work on a daily basis, and generally practicing the concept of ‘thankfulness’. It has been proven that employees who feel appreciated contribute more.

Don’t intimidate

Here’s an inconvenient truth for you (step aside Al Gore), we are all fallible human beings. And that means that, from time to time, your co-workers will make mistakes. How you react to these mistakes is the difference between them learning and improving or feeling disgruntled and pressured. Negativity breeds negativity. Plus it’s far more enjoyable to work in an environment where you feel colleagues ‘have your back’.

Spread a little happiness

Happiness is infectious and it’s a bug that you should want to spread around the office as quickly as possible. It’s a commonly held perception among workplace psychology experts that happier colleagues equal an increase in productivity, creativity and, most importantly, morale. How to achieve these mythical good moods? Well many experts believe a staff retreat or a company away day is a great way to get started. Why not plan yours now?

Get creative

A study by Psychology Today showed that “Offering up as little as thirty minutes of work time a week for exploratory thought could send the message that creativity is valued, no matter when, where, or how ideas are conceived”. Indeed, allowing colleagues inside the creative process will make them feel valued, included and, most importantly, that you believe they have something to offer. Encouraging a renewed sense of work ownership and, subsequently, enthusiasm.

Be the Obi Wan

Gone are the days where employees would stay with one company for the entirety of their career. If new starters are left behind early or don’t feel a part of something, don’t expect them to stick around. A great way of countering this is the mentoring method. This is shown to better develop a sense of workplace camaraderie as well as corporate loyalty, a rare thing in the dynamic offices of the 2010’s. “Use the force Keith”.