19 Best Business Lunch Deliveries in Bath & Bristol

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You weren’t born to a life of dry crackers and cup noodles. How did lunch times become so bland? It really doesn’t have to be this way, the South West is renowned for amazing food and your working lunch should be no different. Thankfully fine desktop dining is just an internet order away with amazing lunch delivery services available direct to your office. Here’s a look at the very best Bath and Bristol have to offer.


Mission Burrito

Why settle for a boring lunchtime when you can transform it into a full-on foodie fiesta with a delicious Mission Burrito? These are street-food inspired wraps stuffed with fresh ingredients like pico de gallo, pulled pork, ancho chilli beef, chicken and there are even vegetarian options. Choose your own heat, add a few extras (nachos anybody?) and your lunch hour just got a whole lot more exciting.

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The Whole Bagel

Take your lunchtime to the next level with a mouth-watering treat from The Whole Bagel. In fact, you can invite the entire office to join in the fun with flavoursome sandwich platters featuring TWB’s most popular bagels including a great mix of vegetarian, meaty and other options to satisfy all the fussy good groups in your organisation. Plus there are cool twists on the not-so-humble bagel to surprise your taste buds like Cheese & Jalapeno and Cinnamon & Raisin to name a few.

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Bath Pizza Co.

It took the fantastic people at the Bath Pizza Co. just two years to earn their prestigious Taste of the West gold award and after trying their delicious discs of doughy goodness, you won’t be asking why. Fresh from their wood-fired oven, this is pizza as it’s Italian inventors intended, honest, locally sourced and filled with character from the tip of each mozzarella dripping slice to each crispy crust. A fantastic upgrade for your al-desko pizza delivery.

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Absurd Bird

Absurd Bird’s restaurant feels like you’ve stepped off the streets of Bath into a New Orleans diner but with a brilliant delivery service, you can bring all the crispy fried goodness to your desktop on any given lunchtime. Putting on a deep south accent while you eat is completely optional but entirely encouraged.

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If there’s any nation that knows how to fit good food into a hectic day then it’s Thailand and Thaikhun can bring the bold flavours of this nation to your desk with their fabulously tasty street food. Featuring a fantastic mix of salads, soups, stir fry’s and grills, there’s a veritable feast on offer here but just remember there’s only so much desk space you can fill with food boxes. Delightfully different in every way, Thaikhun is perfect for your lunchtime.

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Comptoir Libanais

For the uninitiated, Lebanese food is low in fat, low in hassle and high in deliciousness (if that wasn’t a word it is now). Comptoir Libanais embodies this attitude to food and doubles down on the zero-fuss by delivering to your office whether you’re in the midst of a busy 9-5 and don’t have time to leave the workplace or just want a change from your normal routine. #ThankYouComptoir.

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Beyond the Kale

Brushing all misconceptions about veganism being boring or dull to the side and then smashing them into a thousand tiny pieces, Beyond the Kale is a vegan café that can excite your taste buds and inspire you to try new things away from the office. You can choose from a vast range of fantastic options including burgers, wraps, cakes and more, plus with absolutely no animal products involved, you can feel good appoint your foodie choices too.

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Swoon Gelato

Ice cream for lunch? Yes please! Swoon Gelato is an amazing celebration of ice cream in it’s purest form and with so many different flavours on offer, you can create your own combinations and give your system the sugar boost it needs to get through the day. Many of Swoon’s creations have won Great Taste awards including their gorgeous Pistacchio gelato, Mango sorbetto and Neopolitan Coffee gelato.

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Wilde Kitchen

It can be hard packing all the right nutrients into your lunchtime and don’t even get us started on keeping track of the orange/red boxes on the side of sandwich packets. But if you’re working in Bristol you can let the Wilde Kitchen do all the hard foodie thinking for you as they deliver their delicious smart-food lunch options directly to your desk. Designed by their own in-house nutritionist with the help of a personal trainer, their options are expertly prepared to give your body the things it actually needs.

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What makes Friska stand out to us is the fact that they’re all about ‘feel good food’ and they most certainly deliver on the promise. You might not have the time to commit to creating a lunchtime worth posting an Instagram story about but thanks to Friska, you don’t have to, you can just place your order and soon enough, you’ll be munching on a delicious hot box watered down by a speciality coffee from Friska’s expert baristas.

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Mocha Mocha

Fiercely independent and voted as one of Bristol’s top 5 independent coffee houses, Mocha Mocha is the perfect place to order from if you need an authentic caffeine boost to propel you through the afternoon. What’s more is that with an excellent office catering service available, you can invite the whole workplace to get involved and share in a veritable feast of gourmet sandwiches.

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Miller Green

The team at Miller Green can do things with vegetables that you might’ve never thought possible. This is that special kind of vegan café that opens your eyes and shows you just how much taste you can pack into a plant-powered dish. With local delivery available in Bristol you can sample their most popular vegan creations for yourself and look the bee’s knees in front of your colleagues as you show off your fabulously different food choices.

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The Burger Joint

For those moments where you’re so hungry that no meal deal could even come close to satisfying your hunger, there’s The Burger Joint. Delivering their buns of meaty goodness from their central restaurant on Whiteladies Road, these culinary genius’ will make your office lunch hour one worth writing home about with mighty burger builds including Kangaroo and Wild Boar.

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Flour & Ash

The next time you decide to order a round of treat pizzas to the office you can look like a bit of a foodie expert by ordering from the geniuses at Flour & Ash. This is wood-fired pizza that’s as creative as it is delicious, with all the classic creations you know and love as well as Flour & Ash’s own doughy twists including ingredients like salmon and Ox’s cheek. Great, now we’re hungry.

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Sushi has surged in popularity amongst working professionals in recent years but while the rest of the office is queuing in the supermarket for a sub-quality product you can order from itsu and enjoy the real deal, freshly prepared by expert sushi chefs. Not only is it tasty, but it’s also incredibly nutritious and keeps the calorie count low so you can stay healthy too.

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Sweet, savoury and gluten free, Crêpeaffaire is the perfect sweet-treat lunchtime alternative that you need to make a part of your working week. These aren’t just any old crepes, these are delicious bakes that only use premium ingredients whether you’ve ordered a Salted Caramel Popcorn Splendour to your desktop or a mouth watering Oreo Cookie Opulence. With Crêpeaffaire, every day in the office can be pancake day.

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Triple Two Coffee

The team at Triple Two Coffee are genuine experts in all things caffeinated and you don’t even need to go there yourself to find out why. A fantastic delivery service means you can bring all their finest coffee creations to your desk without moving a muscle (just the way we like it) and you can also add sandwiches, wraps, pastries and more to your order to keep your stomach happy through the afternoon, evening rush hour and beyond.

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The Athenian

Greece is one of the world’s mightiest nations of food lovers and you can invite a little Grecian dining into your working life by ordering from The Athenian the next time you’re at a lunchtime loose end. This is Greek food just as you’d find on the street corners of Athens, packed with flavour, generous sized portions and souvlaki so tasty that you won’t want your pita wrap to end. If you like your food to have a real story behind it, then The Athenian is the ideal choice.

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If you’ve got that #FridayFeeling then you need a lunch that matches your mood. Enter Catch22, winner of the prestigious Diner’s Choice Award and called ‘The best fish and chips ever!” by the knowledgeable folks over at the Bristol Post. Set just off the waterfront, you can bring the great taste of the Bristol Harbourside to your office every Friday with a classic battered fish and chip combo or a delicious hotdog if you’re feeling all kinds of crazy ahead of the weekend.

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