5 Team Building Ice Breakers As Seen On TV

team building ice breakers

Breaking the ice. It’s something that no matter how high you rise in a company, how hard you work or how much fun you are on the weekend, never seems to get any easier. And yet a whopping 91% of us spend more time a week with our work colleagues than our families. What’s worse is that a workplace that fails to connect is at risk of having less morale and can actually seriously affect your team spirit.

But don’t sweat it, the statistics are in your favour. 95% of us have made a friend in work, and you can foster those connections even quicker with Company Away Day’s 5 Team Building Ice Breakers as seen on our TV screens.

1. GPS Apprentice

Any fan of the hit BBC show will tell you that the round where Sir Alan sends the candidates in search of a list of items to buy at the lowest price possible is one of the series most intense moments. And it’s that round that you’ll get to try for yourselves in this utterly unique experience.

You’ll download a specially designed app before being let loose on the streets (possibly with a list of free-to-buy items if you’re not to be trusted with the company funds) to haggle for the best prices and items possible. Not only is this great for enhancing communication and lateral thinking, but it’s also brilliant fun that everybody will love to get behind. After all, who wants to be fired?

2. Dragon’s Den

Discover if you’re the next hot entrepreneur in our Dragon’s Den experience. After separating into teams you’ll have to come up with a product and a business pitch to get your hands on the dragon’s cash without feeling their claws.

Not only is our venue realistically decorated with a stage set, props, technical crew and projectors, but it also comes with our very own hard-nosed dragons who you’ll have to persuade to invest in your new idea. The team that secures the best deal will be declared the winners… Or will you leave with nothing?

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3. Crystal Mazes

Grab a healthy dose of game show nostalgia in this fantastic team building activity. Working with your colleagues, you’ll have to complete as many challenges as you can to collect those oh-so-important crystals.

That’s right, unlike any other crystal quests you’ve seen on TV there won’t be any solo tasks here. So you’ll need to communicate, work together and cheer each other on to master all four of the crystal zones (Industrial, Aztec, Medieval and Futuristic) and take all the bragging rights back to the office.

4. Bushcraft Survival

Get out of the office and into the wild. On this Bushcraft activity day you’ll need to engender genuine team spirit with your colleagues and communicate effectively to master all the outwards bound challenges you’ll face. Will you survive your time away from the comforts of the office? The range of tasks you’ll take on might include:

  • Knife & Axe Skills
  • Bushcraft Cookery
  • Fire Building
  • Small Game/Seafood Preparation
  • Shelter Building
  • Hunting
  • Axe Throwing
  • Archery

5. It’s a Knockout

Take on the inflatable games and challenges of the legendary TV show with real costumes and obstacles as seen on the BBC. You’ll be randomly split into teams before taking turns on giant, over-sized challenges with blown-up obstacles and hilarious outfits. But it’ll take more than physical prowess to win here, you’ll have to work with colleagues of all ages and backgrounds if you’re going to take the title of Knockout champions. The challenges you could face include:

  • Crazy Climber
  • Medieval Madness
  • Perilous Pendulum
  • And the infamous Slippery Summit

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If your office needs to “break the ice” then simply call us on 01225 474200 or send us your enquiry to find the perfect ice breaking activity for your workplace.