Office Bingo

office bingo

Let’s face it, life in the office can be a little tedious and we’re all prone to wandering off with daydreams/internet shopping/candy crush. Enter Office Bingo, the perfect way to keep your colleagues alert and raise morale as they go about their daily tasks.

office bingo

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And of course you aren’t playing for no reason. The top three places in each game come with their own treasured rewards.

1st place – Unlimited teas from the lowest ranked player for the next week.

2nd place – A “get out of jail free” card for any tea round at any time.

3rd place – First refusal on any doughnuts brought in the office for the next week.

The Rules

As Monica Geller famously said in Friends, “you can’t have fun without rules” and the same goes for Office Bingo. The laws of the game must be followed at all times, and in the event of disqualification, the offending player must make a tea round for the entire office.

  • Office Bingo must only be played Mon-Fri, 9-5.
  • To win, you must complete a horizontal or vertical row of five.
  • In the event of a draw, the remaining players must compete in a best-of-three game of Rock, Paper, Scissors (or your chosen equivalent).
  • There is no room for interpretation unless the stated event happens exactly as it is written, you may not cross it off the list.
  • You cannot force these events to happen, you may only watch, observe and hope that it does.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will be met with a forfeit of the rest of the players’ choosing.
  • The punishment for affecting the game is an instant disqualification.

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