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What's Included

  • One tough to please boss
  • Team budgets
  • Resource list & cash
  • Charity donation at the end

3 hours


Minimum of 10


All year round





Dress code

Business casual

Will you be hired or fired? Put your money where your mouth is with this fiscal team building challenge!

What You'll Be Doing...

  • Meet "The Boss"
  • He'll explain the rules and assign you your task
  • You'll be handed a list of items to buy for the cheapest price with a budget of around £100
  • Set off and haggle your way to success as your team pull off amazing deals
  • The group with the most items AND money at the end of the activity will be the winners
  • After all the deals are done and the cash counted, all the items and any remaining proceeds will be donated to a local charity, or a charity of your company's choice!
  • The winning team will now doubt go on to bigger and better things as "The Boss's" chosen representatives...
  • As for the rest of you... "You're fired!"

More About The Apprentices...

Are there people in your workplace who reckon they've got the gift of the gab? Silver tongued miracle workers who could sell sand to Saudis and coal to Colchester (?!?). Now's there time to shine as you work in your teams to impress "The Boss". He's in a hiring and firing kind of mood so you need to think on your feet and react move quickly so you remain moving targets. He'll be setting you a task of collecting a shopping list of items, using your business, bargaining and blagging skills to come back with the most items at the lowest price.

The Boss will lay down this fantastic challenge after you've separated into teams, and then you'll receive the resource list and a budget of around £100 before you're let loose on the town. The lists are filled with items that a local charity can make good use of once this activity is over, so you can rest assured that you aren't just buying for the sake of it.

Not that you'll have time to think about why you're buying these items of course, as you'll be racing against both rival teams and the clock to secure the best deals in the shortest amount of time. Some teams might find themselves heading straight into a shopping district for a mass-buying offensive, but success here doesn't come with a mad spending spree.

It'll take a high degree of strategic thought and team planning to make the most of your diminutive budget. There's great team building experiences to be had here, as you work side by side with colleagues from other departments to figure out where certain items will be cheapest, before potentially building trust by separating to buy items individually before regrouping and deciding your next move together.

After the time limit, you'll rendezvous with the rest of your company and discover which team collected the most items with the least amount of cash, and who's going to be in serious trouble back in the boardroom!

At the end of our Apprentice challenge, one thing is guaranteed; nobody will be left staring into the lukewarm abyss of a cup of tea asking themselves where it all went wrong (hopefully). This is a fun, lively activity that could unveil some hidden business talents in colleagues you work with on a day-to-day basis. It's then a case of who will be hired and who should be fired?

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