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What's Included

  • Pre-designed chassis
  • Paints, props & tools
  • Design experts
  • Medals for the winners

2 - 3 Hours


Min. of 10



Dress code



On Request

What You'll Be Doing...

  • Meet your host and get the brief
  • With pre-designed chassis provided, it's time to begin construction
  • In teams, design and construct your car to spec
  • Build your brand with fictional sponsors, logos and merch
  • Head to the ‘track' for a quick race. Your car better be pit stop ready
  • Cars will be judged based on quality, the sponsorship package and the team's presentation
  • Only one team can be crowned Pit Stop Champions!

More About pit stop challenge...

After splitting into teams of pit stop engineers, you'll receive a pre-designed chassis that'll be the base of your speed racer. It's then up to you to design the body using blueprints and your own speedy thinking to create the day's best car. Can you lure in the sponsors while keeping super aerodynamic?

After design, it's time to build your car with tools and parts provided to each team. Your team will need buckets of creativity to make your car stand out and impress the judges, from constructing a sturdy rear wing to even painting flames on your wheels to make the car go so much faster, the choice is yours.

An F1 team is not complete without its brand and sponsorships. You'll have to come with everything from the look of the car and merch such as hats to sell to F1 fanatics in the stands. Your team will also come up with fictional sponsorships and the reasoning behind their investment. Bonus points for clever company names and hilarious logos to go slap-bang on the front of your car.

Then, it's time to race as you go head to head with the other F1 teams on the track in a quick relay race, complete with pit stop. Will your team be crowned Pit Stop Challenge team building champions? Or be left behind in the dust?

Pit Stop Challenge team building combines creative design and raw competition into a hugely enjoyable day and a great team building experience that gets staff out of their desk chairs and into the driver's seat.

What They Said...

Company Away Days review Looking forward to next year's trip

"...From start to finish I had every confidence in the way my enquiry was handled. Very well organised throughout.
Looking forward to next year's trip..." - Clive Gardner | April 2017

Company Away Days review Unparalleled value for money!

"...What we got was stellar accommodation, great customer service and total transparency combined
with unparalleled value for money!..." - Mark Thackwell | June 2017

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