csi investigators Team Building

Key Details


3 - 6 hours


Minimum of 10



Dress code



On Request

What's Included

  • Crime scene setup
  • Blood splatter work
  • Black lights
  • Real techniques
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What You'll Be Doing...

  • Meet the detective with a fresh new case to solve
  • Suit up and head to the crime scene where the grisly murder took place
  • Work together to gather evidence with top forensic experts
  • Fingerprinting, powder analysis, blacklight and blood splatter analysis
  • Build your case and present the evidence to the detective
  • Can you solve the murder and bring the killer to justice?

More About csi investigators...

There's been a murder, and it's your team of investigators that's been called out on the case. Your challenge? Solve the murder and catch the killer using all the evidence at the crime scene.

On the day you'll meet the detective, and he's got a fresh case for you and your team to solve. You'll be briefed on the scenario and given three potential suspects' fact files. Assisted by a team of forensic experts, your team will duck under the yellow tape and slow-motion walk into the crime scene like they do off' telly.

Once you're on the crime scene, you'll work as a top forensic team using real CSI kit and investigation techniques to uncover the evidence and catch the killer. As a team, you'll have to coordinate and solve each clue together, talking through your reasoning and before submitting a report to the detective.

The investigation may include:

  • Fingerprinting
  • Powder analysis
  • Fibre identification
  • Blood splatter work
  • Fluorescence (using black light)
  • Chromatography (separating colour)

After you've dusted samples and interpreted the ‘Jackson Pollock' on the walls, you'll head on out and bring all the evidence together. Were there strong signs of a conflict? How did the killer break-in? Or did they break-in at all?

CSI team building is the perfect activity for the office staff who want to shake up their team-building with the closest thing to becoming a real forensic detective for the day!

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Company Away Days review

"We had a great time and will definitely use you again" - Ella Brazil, Wiggin LLP | 06/02/19

Company Away Days review

"Everything was perfect. We'll definitely use your services again in the future..." - Stiliyan Cikalov, Telelink UK | 05/08/18

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