cookery school Team Building

Key Details


1.5 - 4 hours


Minimum of 6


All year round

Dress code


What's Included

  • Private cookery lesson
  • Choice of cuisines
  • Professional kitchen
  • Professional chef
  • Quality ingredients
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What You'll Be Doing...

  • Meet your friendly expert
  • Quick rundown of the session
  • Roll those sleeves up and get your cook on!
  • You'll make a number of different dishes
  • And learn handy hints, tips and tricks
  • End the session the best way…
  • By sitting down to all enjoy the fruits of your labour
  • Along with drinks and the papers
  • Bon appetit!

More About cookery school...

It doesn't matter whether your team are all beginners or experts (groups of mixed abilities are welcome), this friendly class is perfect for foodies and oven dodgers alike as you all work together to create an amazing menu, learning great cookery skills and tips from chefs who have cooked for everyone from rock stars to royalty.

At the end of the session, you'll all sit down together and enjoy all the fruits of your labours along with some drinks in a great setting.

There's a choice of different cuisines available at the class that takes place in a charming town a short distance (16 miles) from Bath.


An Introduction to Fish (2 hours)

Including great skills like scaling to filleting learn how to tackle, prep and cook fish dishes.

  • How to fillet
  • How to scale a fish
  • How to choose the best fish and shellfish
  • Knife skills
  • Make a tasty sauce to accompany fish
  • Demonstrations and practical sessions
  • Enjoy the fish you've cooked with accompaniments and wine

For The Love of Brunch (2 hours)

Learn how to cook the least hurried and most relaxing meal of the week! Healthy brunch with added extras.

  • Tea & coffee
  • Make Eggs Benedict or Eggs Florentine
  • Make your own Granola with Apple Compote
  • Make traditional Sweet & Sticky Cinnamon Bread
  • Make a Bloody Mary
  • Demonstration of how to make an authentic Middle Eastern Shakshuka
  • Tuck into the hearty brunch you've all made together along with tea, coffee, Bloody Marys and the day's papers.

Meat-Free Moroccan Feast (2 hours)

Learn to blend the spices and flavours to create authentic Moroccan dishes for any occasion.

  • Mint tea
  • Make vegetable-based Moroccan Tagine
  • Make authentic Moroccan Cous Cous
  • Make White Bean Loubia, an aromatic side dish
  • Make Bastilla with sweet and savoury flavours
  • Demonstrations - how to make Hummus and Harissa Sauce
  • Enjoy your hard work with a glass of wine or traditional mint tea

Pizza & Prosecco (1.5 hours)

Learn to prep and make a traditional pizza like a true pizzaiolo.

  • Chilled Prosecco on arrival
  • Prep and make traditional Italian Pizza Dough
  • Prepare your pizza with your choice of toppings
  • Bake them to perfection
  • Enjoy your traditional, handmade pizza with a chilled glass of Prosecco

Simply Spanish (2 hours)

"Viva la cocinera!" Paella, Patatas Bravas, and Padron Peppers. Learn how to make some of Spain's best-loved dishes the traditional way.

  • Drink on arrival
  • Make Patatas Bravas
  • Make Paella
  • Make Padron Peppers
  • Knife skills
  • How to prepare shellfish
  • Enjoy your hard work with a glass of Spanish Rioja

South American Street Food (2 hours)

From Argentina to Peru, learn to make some of South America's tastiest street food.

  • Drink on arrival
  • Prepare fillings, fill and cook Empanadas
  • Prepare fish for Ceviche
  • Make South American Chilli with Lime Marinade
  • Make South American Chicken with Chimichurri Sauce
  • Demonstration - How to make spicy Pico de Gallo Sauce
  • Demonstration - How to make real Guacamole
  • Tuck into your South American street feast with a glass of wine

(not suitable for vegetarians or vegans)

Thai Food Experience (2 hours)

Learn to make colourful, traditional Thai dishes with clean flavours and fresh and healthy ingredients.

  • Make Thai Fish Cakes
  • Prepare and make a Som Tum Thai salad
  • Prep and cook a traditional Thai main course with authentic ingredients and traditional techniques
  • Experiment with the key spices in Thai cooking
  • Enjoy your Thai meal

The Italian Job (4 hours)

One of the world's most popular and accessible cuisines which, when cooked the traditional way, really is hard to beat. Bellissima!

  • Drink on arrival
  • Make classic Focaccia
  • Make authentic Gnocchi
  • Make traditional Puttanesca tomato sauce
  • Make, flavour and roll Arancini
  • Make Panzanella salad
  • Learn to cook Pork Shoulder
  • Make vanilla Pannacotta with a fruit salsa
  • Enjoy a favuloso Italian feast with a glass of vino.

The Perfect Steak (2 hours)

From rump to rib eye, learn how to select, prep and cook the finest steak and delicious marinades.

  • Drink on arrival
  • Learn about and sample different cuts of steak
  • Methods of cooking and seasoning tips
  • How to cook steak by touch and timing
  • The importance of resting meat
  • Make simple kinds of butter, sauces and accompaniments
Eat your steak your way with salad, wedges and wine

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Company Away Days review

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