Happy Millennials In The Workplace

happy millennials

The rise of millennials in the workplace has seen a paradigm shift in the way we think about where we work, what we expect of the place we work and, crucially, what aspects of our workplace inspire us. This has become a growing concern for industry leaders, but how can businesses better cater for the demands of this developing workforce? Company Away Days’ resident millennial looks at what this new generation will, and won’t respond to.

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We won’t

Us millennials in the workplace simply won’t accept uninspiring surroundings. I know, why can’t I put up with the same asbestos-lined walls you had to put up with as an intern? But it’s not just us, a study by Linkedin recently showed that 77% of professionals found art in their place of work made them happier. 74% claimed it inspired them and 27% said they found that the presence of art increased their productivity.

We won’t respond to a workplace that doesn’t meet our health needs. Whether right or wrong, it is commonly reported that we millennials are a stressed-out generation and displaying a desire to address this issue is crucial to how businesses should think of their workspaces. And no, we can’t make do with the free stress balls you got for Red Nose Day 2003.

We will

We millennials love collaborative environments. Office space is, by and large, shrinking. It’s been predicted that in the next 3 years, the average amount of office space per employee will shrink to 150 square feet. Creating an open working environment is crucial to harnessing this loss of space and transforming it into a benefit. After all, we are the generation that was taught “sharing is caring” by Barney the Dinosaur.

Millennials in the workplace will also feel more at ease with a technologically fluent space. Considering this expectation in your office design is not only a way to show a commitment to our strengths, but a way of future proofing as well. This isn’t an excuse for us to waste time on an iPad, but an effective way of ensuring our digital skills don’t go unused. It’s not our fault that you still think your Casio calculator is “high tech”.

We’re exceptionally keen on flexible workplaces, specifically in terms of furniture, lounge areas and multi-faceted spaces that allow us options in where we work. That’s right, we might not want to work on the same desk every day *gasps*. As with everything from what we watch on Netflix, to where we buy our coffee, the power of choice is something that we ultimately revel in.

The alternative

Not every business has the budget to splash out on a dynamic new workspace for its employees. So, if you can’t win over your increasingly millennial workforce inside the office then our company away days will help you earn their loyalty outside of it. We’ve got a huge range of team building activities and events to help you cultivate a great team spirit and friendly infrastructure of people within your organisation, without buying so much as a desk plant. Get a zero-hassle quote now.

The best activities for them

Crystal Mazes

The Crystal Maze is back on our screens and with Star Wars, Star Trek and other classic franchises being brought back from the dead, now is the perfect time to cash in on the nostalgia trend and engage your millennial workforce in some tongue-in-cheek, puzzle solving fun that will have different ranking individuals bonding in some truly unexpected ways.

The Master Chefs

What you might not know about your millennial workforce is that they love to cook. A recent study showed that millennials enjoy the culinary process as much as the finished product. Allowing your young employees to express this attribute in a team building environment will allow depth of communication and might also show older colleagues that they have more in common with this new breed of worker than first thought. Find out more.

Pit Stop Challenge

Millennials are thought to be the largest workforce in history, they’re also the most creative. Our Pit Stop Challenge is a great way to harness this element as you design, develop and build your own F1 racing brands. Importantly, you’ll be playing to their strengths and letting them display exactly what they have to offer going forwards. Find out more.

School Sports Day

There’s no real science to this one, just plain old, timeless fun. Whether you’re an intern or a CEO, the likelihood that you once ran a three-legged-race in primary school is high. Our School Sports Day is a throwback activity that everybody from millennials to baby boomers can appreciate and recognise each other’s strengths in the process. Find out more.

Assault Course

Forget about how easy it is to access junk food these days, nearly 10% more millennials believe that exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle than any other previous generation. An assault course is a great fitness test as well as a way of getting millennials to work with older colleagues as you cheer each other on over the finish line. Find out more.

We’re interested in hearing from you. What workspace changes worked for your organisation? Have we missed anything? Let us know on Twitter at @companyawaydays.