Summer in The Workplace – Make The Office The Place To Be

summer workplace

After all the wind, rain, sleet, snow, cats and dogs (it felt like it at times!) summer is FINALLY here. But there is a downside. However much we might like it to, work doesn’t just disappear during the warmer months, and aside from seeing your colleagues stare wistfully out of the open window at all the tanned bods wandering the city streets below, there could be even more concerning effects of being cooped up at work while they could possibly be enjoying the hot weather. The worst of which being a potential slump in morale that might just have a marked effect on productivity.

Our solution? Make the office the place to be this summer. And here’s a quick 5 step guide to making it happen.

Summer Dress Codes

Does trudging through 26-degree heat in a full suit sound appealing to you? If you want your workforce to feel liberated in the office then the first step is to make them feel comfortable physically. This doesn’t mean letting your staff completely abandon all sense of uniform, but with relaxed rules i.e. shorts, smart trainers, collared polo shirts allowed etc, you could really see a positive shift in attitude.

Sun’s Out, Tunes Out

We’ve written on the blog before about how music in the workplace can have an enormously positive effect on productivity. Guess what? That hasn’t changed, and in fact, playing some “summer tunes” in the office could result in an even bigger lift as colleagues embrace the summer vibe and approach their work with an increased sense of positivity and enthusiasm.


If you’ve been putting off redecorating the office throughout the winter and the better part of spring, then summer is the perfect time to finally make some much-needed changes about your place of work. A change of scenery will be a much-welcome sight to colleagues who are used to the same surroundings day-in, day-out and the fresh environment will more than likely encourage new approaches and creative thinking from your staff.

Summer Hours

As we mentioned in Why Colleague Positivity Should Be Your Goal for 2017, establishing summer hours (cutting an 8 hour day down to 6) might not be a popular idea with upper management, but to everyone from disgruntled staff members to ailing line managers, it’s the perfect chance to recharge before the long winter kicks in. It’s also been proven by scientific studies that workers are just as productive, if not more productive when this is the case.

Book a Company Away Day

There’s no better time to get out of the office than when the sun is shining. Not only does this allow your workforce to actually have their moment in the sun literally, but possibly also figuratively as they work together to solve team building challenges, win different games and engender the kind of strong bonds and team spirit that will carry you through the peaks and troughs of the next 12 months with ease.