7 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

improve employee engagement

Let’s face it, by the time Friday lunchtime comes around, we’re all a little guilty of allowing our attention levels to dip and as a result, we become disengaged by our work. This normally isn’t a problem, but when you’re finding staff increasingly despondent in the midst of the working week, it’s time to take action. Fortunately, there’s no fewer than 7 ways you can combat disengagement and get your workplace back on track.

Be an example

The first and possibly the simplest way to inspire a workforce is to be the leader they expect, and quite simply, need you to be. If employees can see that their higher-ups are displaying all the attributes that they are in turn demanding of them, then they’re likely to be more focused, more likely to commit to the company and up to 55% more engaged, according to some statistics.


Allowing employees to see the big picture and fully understand their place in the larger machine of your company is a key component when it comes to improving employee engagement. A significant part of this is transparent communication. Give colleagues a clear indication of what the company is planning, remain open to their suggestions and let them know that the fruits, are the products of their labour.

Be seen

A large part of employees feeling relatable to management is working together. Which poses the question, how could you possibly feel as if you’re working together, if during the hours of 9-5, managers are sat in their own private offices, while the rest of the staff are segregated in cubicles? A more open office environment makes managers feel more approachable and available to ask for help when colleagues need it most.

Be heard

Publicly celebrate your employee’s achievements, as a group and individually. Not only will this massively improve team morale, but if colleagues are left feeling successful, having achieved either a short or long-term goal, then you’ll see a huge shift upwards shift in work engagement as workers try to replicate, or better that positive result.

“Thank you”

Two small words that can mean SO much to a stressed employee in the midst of the working week. Research has shown that simply thanking your workers is the quickest way to build trust, motivate the workplace and restore damaged interpersonal relationships. In fact, the numbers show that employees with supportive managers are 67% more engaged in the workplace. Those two words can go a hell of a long way.

Have fun

There is, of course, a time and place for this. But having fun in the workplace on lunch breaks or even after work hangouts is a great opportunity for colleagues to further develop workplace friendships and create stronger bonds with management. If an employee has enjoyed a positive social interaction with a supervisory figure, they’ll be more inclined to work harder for them and go the extra mile when needed.

Book a Company Away Day

An experience which combines all of the above, a Company Away Day is a fantastic chance to get to know your colleagues, empower your employees and build team spirit more effectively than any other method. Plus, taking the team out of the office is a great way to show your commitment to furthering the development of the group and the unique individuals that make the team whole.