7 Musts for a Happier and Healthier 2017

happier and healthier 2017

While it’s that time of year where new year’s resolutions are dropping like flies and the weekend warrior who swore off late nights for Dry January has begun to arrive suspiciously hungover on Monday mornings, it doesn’t mean your workplace has to settle for a less-than-healthy 2017. There’s plenty of ways to improve the office’s standards for a healthier and happier year at work, but here’s 7 of the best.

Book a Company Away Day

Getting out of the office is the perfect way to energise your workforce while encouraging active bodies and minds with a whole host of fantastic team-building activities, from Apprentice GPS Hunts to madcap Inflatable Games. We love the idea of the most junior of colleagues working with the CEO to solve a problem, and we believe that this kind of experience only leads to more confidence for everybody in your daily 9-5.

Make new friends

Having friends at work makes spending long periods of time in the office happier, and therefore healthier – But are you struggling to connect with the people you work with? It could be because the majority of us connect over sharing secrets. Relationship researchers have found co-workers only make friends when sharing problems from their personal, social, home and work lives. So, prepare to share.

Source: – Business Insider

Go al-desko

Are you a fiend of the supermarket meal deal? If so, do you check the nutritional information on the side of those sandwich packets? We guessed not – so you might be surprised to hear your favourite coronation chicken sandwich isn’t as healthy as you think. Steer clear of all those saturates by taking the time to go al-desko and make your own healthy lunch. You’ll feel the benefits immediately!

Learn to say “no”

If you’re feeling under pressure in the workplace, then perhaps 2017 should be the year that you learn to say “no” at work. According to the NHS, one of the main reasons colleagues suffer from stress in the office is because they simply won’t say “no”, they take on more and more work, but achieve less. Taking on a realistic workload is the first step to achieving more both personally and professionally.

Learn to say “yes”

But on the other side of the coin, if you’re feeling restricted in your job role and would like to take on more responsibility, it could be time to start saying “yes” a whole lot more. Not only does this show a willing to succeed professionally, it also says a lot about yourself as a person looking to advance themselves as a human being.

Own your desk

And no, we don’t mean you need to go shopping for your own office furniture. But if your company will allow you to decorate your own desk space, you should make 2017 the year you make the area you work in your own. Whether it’s changing your desktop wallpaper to a picture of your loved ones, personalising your mouse mat or other small touches, making yourself more comfortable at work is an easy way to feel happier.

Just smile

It’s as simple as that – smiling at work won’t only encourage your co-workers to feel happier, it actually sends positive signals to your brain and releases neuropeptides, your body’s natural anti-stress chemicals. And there’s nothing funny about that!