Getting the Most From Your Event

getting the most from your event

Booking your event is just the start, there are plenty of ways to ensure your team gets the maximum benefit from your company away day. Following a few basic rules you can create a superb team building day to ensure you bring everyone together for a day of fun and communication away from your normal working environment.

Mix it Up!

When selecting your teams be sure to mix things up as much as possible. Build your teams by mixing up departments, experience and seniority. People working side by side on a daily basis are unlikely to learn as much about each other as those that don’t normally work together quite so often.
This can be a great way to foster new working relationships and improved lines of communication between both departments and individuals. And who doesn’t want to see the CEO getting into the trenches alongside the latest interns and new members of staff?

New Identities

Once you’ve selected your teams you can then ask them to get creative by deciding their own team name. That doesn’t mean simply allowing them to choose any moniker at random. If you’re participating in a team event it might be helpful to assign a colour to each team and then asking them to base their name on that colour.


Teams might then produce team names such as;

Pink Panthers
Purple People Eaters
Red Lorry, Yellow Lorries
Yellow Perils
Green Machines
Blue Peters

T-shirts are a great way of creating a splash of colour for photos on the day, you can either have them printed professionally or simply ask everyone to wear their team’s colours.

United Nations – Each team could also be tasked with providing a team flag, a team logo and a machine statement. These can form the basis of great team building workshops prior to your main team building activity. Company Away Days will be happy to help you build a morning workshop program prior to your main activity.

Comfort Zones

We’re all prone to getting comfortable in a familiar working environment, it’s a natural human desire to look to improve on our immediate surroundings. But sometimes it’s good to challenge these inherent nest building tendencies and take people beyond the reach of their comfort zones and favourite coffee mugs. That could mean getting them into the great outdoors, providing a totally different sort of challenge from their normal working life or just rewarding them with an elegant location to host the event.

“Where to Guvnor?”

There is no great science to selecting your events venue. You could simply head to a new city for a GPS Treasure Hunt, you could provide the transport to take everyone to a totally different kind of location; a country manor hotel, river cruise, go kart track. Whatever your budget Company Away Days can help source a venue to suit your needs. In some instances venues will be predicted by the type of activity you book or a need for meeting space.

Two Birds with One Great Day

Don’t be afraid to mix business with pleasure. A company away day can be a great time to make sure everyone is up to speed with new company ideas or projects or simply have each department present their news from the last 12 months. We can provide meeting spaces, audio and visual equipment, guest speakers for morning presentations followed by a group lunch and team building activity.

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