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What's Included

  • Military training
  • Night time horror experience
  • Authentic armour & weapons
  • Trip wires & booby traps

4 Hours


Min. of 10



Dress code

Outdoor Wear


On Request

What You'll Be Doing...

  • Full safety briefing and weapons training
  • You'll be kitted out in stab vests and bump caps
  • Get military training at the safe base
  • When the full moon rises, it's huntin' time!
  • One team keeps watch while the other goes out
  • And everyone gets a turn to catch the beast
  • Set the perfect trap and try not to get bit
  • Return to base, hopefully without teeth marks or hairy palms

More About werewolf hunting...

The sleepy village of Wolfcester is usually a quiet and pleasant place for all its residents. But since last year, residents have been going missing and bodies have been showing up in the forest just on the edge of town. They've tried everything, but the only way to rid the village of their furry friend is a skilled team of beast hunters.

And funnily enough, it's a "full moon" on your company away day…

This werewolf hunting team building activity is not for the faint of heart. Werewolves can smell fear, so only the bold are needed for this night time horror-fest full of scares, screams and hairy encounters.

Your dispatch team will first meet the village council (coordinators) who'll give you a quick safety briefing as well as teach you how to handle your weapons. That's right, you'll get your (non) hairy mitts on guns, grenades and other explosives as well strap on stab vests and bump caps to prep you for the long night ahead.

Then, it's time to separate into teams where one keeps watch and the others sets off on the hunt. Teams will take it in turns so that everyone has a crack at hunting the beast, and you'll have to come up with a game plan. Remember, while you're hunting the wolf, the wolf could be hunting you! So quick thinking and stealthy communication are key here.

You'll learn how to set traps and trip wires, before heading out on their werewolf destroying missions which'll see you come face-to-fang with the terrifying beats. Experience close quarter battle and defend your base as it tries to smash their way in and find silver bullets in time to strike that fatal blow that will save you all.

Adrenaline-pumping and heart-tremoring, Werewolf Hunting team building takes ‘getting out of the office' to a hooowwwwl! new level with enormous rewards and great fun from start to finish. Are you afraid of the big bad wolf?

What They Said...

Company Away Days review

"We had a great time and will definitely use you again" - Ella Brazil, Wiggin LLP | 06/02/19

Company Away Days review

"Everything was perfect. We'll definitely use your services again in the future..." - Stiliyan Cikalov, Telelink UK | 05/08/18

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

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