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What's Included

  • Life-size board game
  • Detailed instructions
  • Giant Meccano structures

45-120 minutes


Minimum of 12


All year round





Dress code


Does your workplace have what it takes to solve this rodent problem? Work together to construct a madcap trap and splat that rat!

What You'll Be Doing...

  • Group briefing as you get your game faces on
  • Separate into teams and collect your team's instructions and kit
  • Working together, construct your piece of the mechanism and figure out which teams need to connect
  • Once all the building's done, put the whole thing together and set off the chain reaction that will (hopefully) catch that rat!

More About Rat Trap...

Our rat trap team building activity is just like the game of 'mouse trap' from your childhood, played out on a grand scale to challenge your workplace to an away day activity that's actually a fantastic brain teaser. On arrival, you'll be greeted by our friendly session leader who'll explain the task at hand before you separate into different groups.

After receiving your instructions in the form of pictures and photographs, you and your team will be left to your own devices to pit your collective wits against the challenge of building your section of the larger mechanism. There's a part for every type of worker to play in this activity, whether you're a lateral thinker or a hands on, practical individual.

Team communication is absolutely key to success in this activity. Not only will you need to communicate well in your group as you relate the photographic instructions to those building your structure, but you'll also need to talk with other groups to figure out how your trigger mechanism fits in with the rest of the trap.

Whichever role you play, there are plenty of benefits to be reaped from this activity. Strategy planning, interdepartmental communication and strong teamwork are all skills that you'll enhance in this lively, fun away day event. Imagine the IT crowd working side by side with the sales team to create a section of this massive rat trap and you're somewhere close to the kind of team building experiences this activity can offer.

Once all the individual structures have been built, you'll align the trigger mechanism to set off the chain reaction that'll activate your trap and catch the rat, but only if you've managed to communicate, plan and work as a team. You'll all watch in suspense to see if the whole trap will work or if the rat will get away.

Our team building rat trap is a fantastic away day activity that'll see people from every level of your business working together to achieve a rewarding mutual goal.

What They Said...

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