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What's Included

  • Bludgers, quaffle & snitch
  • 'Brooms'
  • Referee
  • Hogwarts house rivalry
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Key Details


1 Hour


Min. of 10



Dress code

Sportswear and trainers


On Request

What You'll Be Doing...

  • Meet your match referee who'll brief you on the game
  • Sort yourselves into Hogwarts houses, complete with house colours
  • You'll be taught the rules and have time to practise on the pitch
  • Dodge bludgers, shoot quaffles into hoops, catch that snitch!
  • The house with the most points wins the 'House Cup'

More About kwidditch...

Kwidditch. Rough game. You're going to need quick-thinking and teamwork in the magical sport that's taken the muggle world by storm.

This fictional sport has transcended the magical world and is now considered an official sport, recognized across the world and even has an International Kwidditch Association. Now, it's flying to your company away day as a hit team building exercise that'll bring out the competitive nature in your team.

You'll meet the Kwidditch referee who'll give you a run down of the activity, along with a chance to split into your Hogwarts houses for the match. Will you go for a friendly game of Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw or bring out the rivalry in Slytherin vs. Gryffindor?

When the teams are established and you've donned your house colours, you'll learn the basics and have a chance to practice on the pitch equipped with brooms and equipment needed for the match. You'll be assigned positions based on the fictional game:

Score points by throwing the quaffle (ball) through the opposing team's hoops.

Knock out opposing players by hitting them with a bludger (dodgeball).

Defend their team's hoops to prevent the opposing team from scoring points.

The notorious position. Catch the snitch to win 150 points for your team.

To win, houses need to strategize and communicate well. Each player has an important role to play here, so teamwork is a must if you want to win the Hogwarts Kwidditch House Cup. Let your team unleash their playful and competitive side with a fun, active game of Kwidditch team building.

What They Said...

Company Away Days review

"We had a great time and will definitely use you again" - Ella Brazil, Wiggin LLP | 06/02/19

Company Away Days review

"Everything was perfect. We'll definitely use your services again in the future..." - Stiliyan Cikalov, Telelink UK | 05/08/18

A magical company away day that'll have your team in snitches…

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