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What's Included

  • Semi-automatic weapons
  • Rocket launchers
  • Camouflage suits
  • Ammo included

2 - 3 Hours


Min. of 6



Dress code

Outdoor clothes


On Request

What You'll Be Doing...

  • Quick safety briefing and rules of engagement
  • The separate into teams/'fighting units'
  • You'll be armed with semi-automatic weapons
  • And fight in 5 missions
  • So you might lose the battle
  • But your team can still win the war
  • Bunkers, camouflaged fox holes and hidden sniper positions
  • Ultra-realistic and brilliantly competitive

More About laser warfare...

You've done team building before, you've stood in circles and ‘shared'… But now it's time to kick a**! Your team are looking for something bigger and better and with a little more yippee ki-yay mother huggers and Laser Warfare delivers with both barrels.

Welcome to the Laser Warfare team building battle, where you'll swap presentation laser pointers for state-of-the-art laser guns as you head into combat in variety of games to eliminate the competition.

The aim for each game will vary, but your goal will always be to take down the enemy and find out who has the quickest trigger finger on your team. If you're looking for an experience that tests your teamwork, communication and precision, then Laser Warfare team building is the activity for you and your team.

The challenges you could be facing include;

Hostage Rescue

One of your squad has been taken hostage! Make a game plan and strike to save your team member from the competition's base. They'll be waiting for you…

Bomb Disposal

The enemy have infiltrated the compound and planted an explosive device. Find and nullify the bomb, the clock and fuse are already ticking.

Capture the Flag

Located at the other team's base, sharp shoot your way to the enemy's flag without getting lasered yourself.


One member of the other team holds the key to glory. Can you capture them without the other team gunning you down?

Death Match - Last Man Standing

After the smoke's cleared and the bodies litter the battlefield, who will be the last team standing?

What They Said...

Company Away Days review Looking forward to next year's trip

"...From start to finish I had every confidence in the way my enquiry was handled. Very well organised throughout.
Looking forward to next year's trip..." - Clive Gardner | April 2017

Company Away Days review Unparalleled value for money!

"...What we got was stellar accommodation, great customer service and total transparency combined
with unparalleled value for money!..." - Mark Thackwell | June 2017

Prepare for ultimate infra-red warfare

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