falconry Team Building

Key Details


1 - 2 Hours


Min. of 6



Dress code

Outdoor Clothes


On Request

What's Included

  • Stunning birds of prey
  • Falconry expert
  • ‘Fly’ various birds
  • Interactive experience
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What You'll Be Doing...

  • Meet your friendly instructor
  • Learn about the history of falconry
  • Put on the gauntlet and have a bird fly to you
  • See how they hunt and catch their prey
  • And hope they spare you for dinner!

More About falconry...

Getting out of the office and into the great outdoors is all a part of a fab company away day, and what better way to kick it up a notch then adding a stunning birds of prey into the mix? Falconry team building isn't what you'd find on your boring nature trails. These predators are a lethal blend of claws, keen eyes and killer instinct and can swoop and dive with unbelievable precision.

On the day your team will meet an experienced ‘hawking' instructor, and, after a quick safety briefing, you'll get an interactive experience with some of the birds, including how to fly falcons, eagles, owls and even vultures depending on your location and availability.

But there's one thing we can be sure of; you'll come face to beak with these hunting machines and watch them close up and even get to ‘fly' the birds, feeling their awesome power and incredibly light frames.

Here's a bit of falconry QI to impress your colleagues with…

  • The Peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on the planet? It can reach speeds in excess of 240mph when diving.
  • Birds have been used by man for hunting for over 4,000 years.
  • Falcons were used in WWII to intercept messages on carrier pigeons.
  • Falcons can process 4 types of light, (compared to human's 3) and their eyesight is estimated to be up to 8 times better than humans.

Falconry team building is a great way to get the team outdoors and learn more about these majestic, if not slightly terrifying aerial extreme predators.

What They Said...

Company Away Days review

"We had a great time and will definitely use you again" - Ella Brazil, Wiggin LLP | 06/02/19

Company Away Days review

"Everything was perfect. We'll definitely use your services again in the future..." - Stiliyan Cikalov, Telelink UK | 05/08/18

Find out just why these awesome predators are top of the flying food chain!

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