diamond heist Team Building

Key Details


3.5 Hours


Min. of 10



Dress code



On Request

What's Included

  • Weapons training
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Hand to hand combat
  • High adrenaline heist
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What You'll Be Doing...

  • Meet fellow master criminals who'll be training you
  • Learn how to handle semi-automatic weapons
  • Plus hand to hand combat for when the bullets run out
  • Create your daring master plan…MWAHA!
  • Raid the vehicle carrying precious diamonds
  • Get right into the action with smoke grenades and explosions
  • Outsmart security and make your getaway
  • GO GO GO!
  • After pulling off your epic blag…
  • Retire to a life of luxury in an extradition free country

More About diamond heist...

"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." Harvey Dent

Heroes and villains was THE game to play back when we were kids. But, as in the name, if there's a hero, there's always got to be the big bad villain. And in our truly criminal Diamond Heist team-building experience, it's every mother fudging last one of ya! Take a walk on the bad side as you and your team create your diabolical master plan to foil security and get away with the goods.

On the day you'll meet experienced instructors who'll train you how to become master crims before getting you acquainted with some of their top weaponry; machine guns, sniper rifles and even battle axes for when the bullets run out.

After you're primed for sabotage, you'll come up with a daring master plan before being put right into the action for an adrenaline-fuelled raid! Your team will have to work together like absolute clockwork if you want to get away with the goods.

There'll be explosions, fire, and a lot of gunfire, so be prepared to battle against all odds and possibly her majesty's boys in blue by cracking into the truck and grabbing the diamonds before the time or your luck runs out.

Our Diamond Heist team-building experience shows that sometimes it pays to be bad on an action-packed company away day. Because you can't be a goody-two-shoes forever.

Who said heroes had to have all the fun?

What They Said...

Company Away Days review

"We had a great time and will definitely use you again" - Ella Brazil, Wiggin LLP | 06/02/19

Company Away Days review

"Everything was perfect. We'll definitely use your services again in the future..." - Stiliyan Cikalov, Telelink UK | 05/08/18

Because sometimes it's good to be the bad guys.

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