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What's Included

  • 3 days & 2 nights in the Brecon Beacons
  • Rock climbing & gorge walking
  • Shelter & raft building
  • Fire making
  • Bushtucker trial dining

3 days


Minimum of 6


All year round





Dress code

Outdoor clothes & shoes

'Being brave isn't the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it'. - Bear Grylls

What You'll Be Doing...

Day 1

To begin your epic outdoors experience, you'll head to the Brecon Beacons and meet Bear Grylls' training team who'll guide you through your three days of adventure. There's no hanging about here, from the moment you arrive you'll be thrust into the thick of the action with an afternoon of rock climbing. 'Buddy up' with colleagues, holding their safety ropes as they climb up vertical surfaces and rest assured they'll do the same for you in this white knuckle ascension.
You're sure to be hungry by then, so you'll enjoy some truly unique Bear Grylls-style dining before building your own shelter for the night. This'll take an extreme degree of lateral thinking, as you'll need to make something stable enough to withstand the elements, or you could be left feeling a little wet should the heavens spontaneously open.

Day 2

After waking up fresh faced and ready for anything (with a bit of luck) you'll head out into the Brecon Beacons, a famous area used for training by the SAS. Here, you'll climb a peak using the climbing skills you learned the day before, making the most of the spectacular surroundings as you go. After stopping for lunch, you'll abseil into some caves for an unforgettable few hours underground with colleagues who you'd usually be in a meeting with at this time on an ordinary day. But this is no ordinary day, a fact you'll be reminded of when you gorge walk your way back to camp.
Gorge walking is an intense mix of climbing and cliff jumping as you follow a river down-stream that might leave you feeling a little peckish. So you'll have an extra-special work dinner this evening; a bushtucker trial meal that's sure to result in some unforgettable memories being made with colleagues from every level of your business. You'll then spend the evening relaxing in a bunk house with your workmates after a tough day on the Beacons.

Day 3

Having already had an amazing time growing closer as a team out in the wilderness, learning new skills and communicating both casually and more directly in the thick of the action, it's time for your final challenge. Working together you'll have to build a raft to transport your group out of the wilderness and back to civilization (and a hot shower!).
Using raw materials, you'll build rafts that will get you all back down river. This provides an emphatic finale to your survival experience.

More About Bear Grylls Survivors...

During stressful days, the office environment can feel like a bit of a wilderness. A jungle of paperwork lies around you, growling stomachs are ten-a-plenty and you've been surviving on shop-bought coffee for what feels like forever.

But on our mammoth Bear Grylls Survivors activity, you and your workmates will discover if you can really survive in the wild. Trade your normal working routine for three days of hardcore, outward bound survival action in some of the harshest surroundings in Britain and see if you've got what it takes.

Learn survival techniques used by Bear Grylls himself, and discover how your team measures up as you forge new links in your business that can only be made on an adventure like this.

The Kit

  • 4 seasons sleeping bag & liner
  • 40 litre ruck sack
  • Waterproof ruck sack liner
  • Air mat
  • Head torch
  • Water bottle, mug and spoon
  • Bear Grylls Gerber Knife

Bear Grylls - The Ultimate Survival Course

If that doesn't sound enough for your workplace, then congratulations, you're probably as ruthless in the wild as you are in the boardroom. But don't rest on your laurels yet, if you're really up for the challenge, why not enquire about our Ultimate Survival Course? This is the true test of survival skill, with 4 days of team building in the home of the world famous Royal Marine Commandos.
The Ultimate Survival Course includes:

  • 4 days of survival skills training
  • Dartmoor National Park, home of the Royal Marine Commandos
  • Military fitness, first aid & navigation training
  • Self-defence & primal instinct training
  • Mountain day training
  • Low level helicopter flight
  • 24 hour survival exercise

What They Said...

Company Away Days review Looking forward to next year's trip

"...From start to finish I had every confidence in the way my enquiry was handled. Very well organised throughout.
Looking forward to next year's trip..." - Clive Gardner | April 2017

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"...What we got was stellar accommodation, great customer service and total transparency combined
with unparalleled value for money!..." - Mark Thackwell | June 2017

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